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Longform? Shortform?

Casual? Professional?

If you can name it, I've written for it.


Tobacco Stops With Me
Teen Vaping Video

For this project, I took the voice of a regret-filled 13-year-old that made a mistake — the same one as millions of real-world teens.


Tobacco Stops With Me
Halloween Facebook Series

The killer on your street doesn't carry a knife. I wrote the copy and led the art direction for this spine-chilling project.


Big XII Uniform Tracker
Reddit /r/CFB

From 2015-2019, I was the artist behind one of Reddit /r/CFB's most beloved columns.


Building a Community
in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Energy has big goals for the Big Friendly. I wrote about them.


OK Tobacco Helpline
"Three Services" Video 

Quitting tobacco is a personal process, so OTH offers three services to help you quit the way that works for you. I wrote the script for this adorable project.


Shape Your Future
High-Risk Counties Video

There are 77 counties in Oklahoma. Some of them lack access to healthy foods. I wrote the script and led the visual direction on this tasty project.


OK Tobacco Helpline

Pregnancy Video

I flexed my empathy muscles for this video script, taking on the voice of a pregnant woman.


Style Points
Sports Newsletter

In December 2019, I wrote a twice-weekly newsletter about sports. Mostly.


BUZZ: A Tribute
to Kemba Walker

A passionate goodbye to the greatest Hornet ever.

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